Why do we give?

We teach and practice the Biblical principle of tithing. 

"Tithe" means a tenth. When we tithe, we give 10% of our income to God. 
God not only calls us to give as an act of obedience, but to give generously. 
Once you are faithfully tithing, we would like you to consider giving above and beyond.

Each year we set specific goals for outreach and campus expansion 

so that more and more people can be reached with the Gospel. 
Kingdom Builders are people who give sacrificially, 
above and beyond their tithe, to help us expand the Kingdom of God. 
We build the Kingdom of God by partnering with local and global organizations.

Join us and become a Kingdom Builder today!

Thank you for your generosity.  
Your giving is making a difference at Arise Church.

Information About Giving Online:

Debit or Credit Card

Consider the benefits of knowing your gifts to the church are automatically handled each month.
You can even take advantage of your credit card award programs as you give.
Whether you’re on vacation or simply forgot to bring your wallet to church, your commitment to supporting Arise Church continues.

Direct Deposit

With the convenience of Direct Deposit Giving, you can establish a giving schedule that is both consistent and comfortable for your budget.
You can set up automatic withdrawals either from your checking or savings account.

Text to Give

A simple and convenient option.
From your smartphone, text 833-549-0913
In the message field, enter one of the following three codes....
 ~ TO for Tithe & Offering ,
~ BP for Building Project,  
~ KB for Kingdom Builders,
list the amount you wish to give, and press the SEND button.
For example, you'd type  Tithe $85 and press SEND
OR $25 BP and press SEND
You will receive a reply with a LINK to a page where you will be able to set up an account that is associated with your
Credit or Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover).
Click the link and it takes you to the registration page where you will need to enter your personal information.

Once your account is set up, all you do is text to 8335490913 the code (TO, BP, or KB) for where you want the contribution to go, a space, and the amount.
We recommend creating a contact like “Arise Giving” in your phone with the number 8335490913 to simplify the process.

Click here to give on APLOS.

Check your giving history.